Paradise Found?

I spent the weekend with friends and family enjoying the spectacular beaches and sunsets of southern Crete. We stayed at the Pegasus Resort, just outside Agia Paraskevi. It's a family-run hotel with everything you need. If you go there, tell Kyriakos and Marina that Leonidas from Montreal suggested the place. I was blown away by their genuine hospitality and Marina's food is to die for (you have to order the carrot salad, the tabbouleh, the stuffed vine leaves, more commonly known as dolmades, and their delicious lamb chops). Don't forget to bring shampoo and body wash as this is an excellent no frills hotel literally in the middle of nowhere.

Southern Crete is surreal. This particular place isn't easy to get to from Iraklio; it is much easier to go through Rethymno and then follow the signs for the village of Spili and then Agia Paraskevi. Once you get there, you will understand why I call this place Paradise. There are hardly any tourists (except for the true die-hard tourists who truly love Greece's raw beauty), it is still underdeveloped and the view and the beaches are breathtaking. I have been to incredible places in Greece, but southern Crete is unbelievable. Once you swim at Triopetra and enjoy the sunset there, you will feel totally detached from the electronic world. Bring an umbrella, a hat, lots of sun screen, sandals so you can walk on the hot sand and a good book. It gets so hot in southern Crete that the locals say the sun can melt rocks (it is brutal when the winds die down).

There is no television, no internet, but your cell phone will work if you need to be reached. Once there, you will be so overwhelmed by the beauty of the place that all you need is to surrender yourself to this gift of nature.

Let the rich and famous go to Elounda, Crete. I found my new Paradise and hopefully it will remain underdeveloped for a very long time so I can enjoy it for a few more years.

Finally, I came across another commercial on Greek television that made me laugh so hard, I had to post it here. For us guys, paradise comes in all shapes and sizes. We enjoy the simple things in life. A nice beach, a great book, good food, good company and cold beer.