Jim will become HOOPP’s new President & CEO at the beginning of 2012, following current CEO John Crocker’s planned retirement, which takes place at the end of December.

Had a chance to meet up with Jim and Andy Moysiuk who runs HOOPP Capital Partners earlier this summer and wrote about it in a comment discussing whether pensions should be in the seeding game. I was extremely impressed with the people, culture, organization, their knowledge of pensions and markets, and how they run a no nonsense tight shop that focuses on teamwork and results. Don't agree with everything HOOPP does but its long-term track record speaks for itself; HOOPP is one of the best defined-benefit pension plans in the world, escaping the savage losses that rocked pensions in 2008, and consistently delivering superior risk-adjusted returns. With Jim at their helm, they will continue delivering stellar results.

Unfortunately most pension plans are not managed like HOOPP and they will suffer huge losses once again as the European debt crisis lingers. Markets are edgy over EU debt crisis resolution and a slowdown in Chinese growth: