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OMERS Gains 15.7% in 2021

Today, OMERS announced a 15.7% net return and $16.4 billion in net income for 2021: OMERS, the defined benefit pension plan for municipal sector employees in the province of Ontario, today announced a 2021 return of 15.7%, net of expenses, which equates to $16.4 billion of net investment income. This result exceeded the Plan’s absolute benchmark return of 6.6% by more than $9 billion. OMERS net assets grew to $121 billion at December 31, 2021. “Our strategy of global diversification and a relentless focus on a portfolio of high-quality assets, delivered exceptional returns for our hard-working members in 2021,” said Blake Hutcheson, OMERS President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased that we exceeded our benchmarks across all segments of our portfolio. And now we look to the future with deep, dedicated international teams and ample capital to deploy in support of our long-term strategies.” Four key factors drove the outperformance relative to our benchmark: Ou

A Conversation With AIMCo's New Co-CIOs

Palash Ghosh of Pensions & Investments reports AIMCo appoints 2 co-chief investment officers: Sandra Lau and James Barber were named co-chief investment officers of Alberta Investment Management Corp., effective March 1. Ms. Lau was appointed co-chief investment officer-head of public investments, while Mr. Barber was named co-chief investment officer-head of private investments, according to a news release issued on Thursday. Ms. Lau and Mr. Barber together succeed Dale MacMaster, who announced his retirement from AIMCo last October. Mr. MacMaster served with the company for 23 years, the last seven years as its chief investment officer, the release noted. In their new roles, Mr. Barber will be responsible for real estate, infrastructure, private equity and private debt and loans, while Ms. Lau will be "responsible for bringing together fixed income, mortgages and public equities addressing clients' needs for more liquid investments," AIMCo added in th

CDPQ Gains 13.5% in 2021

CDPQ released its results today, posting a 13.5% return in 2021, 8.9% over five years: In 2021, CDPQ posted its best absolute and relative returns since   2010 and produced over $10   billion in value added Depositors’ net assets totalled $420   billion, with close to $49   billion in investment results Total assets in Québec posted highest ever growth, reaching $78   billion, including $60   billion in the private sector Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) today presented its financial results for the year ended December   31,   2021. The weighted-average return on its depositors’ funds was 13.5% in   2021, compared with 10.7% for the benchmark portfolio, representing $10.4   billion in value added. The annualized returns over five and ten years were 8.9% and 9.6%, respectively, also outperforming the benchmark portfolio . As at December 31, 2021, CDPQ’s net assets were $419.8   bill

CAAT Pension's CEO on Saving Canada's Retirement System

In mid November, CAAT Pension Plan quietly made an announcement on how it is bringing the best of DB, DC, and Group RRSP to Canadian workplaces: The CAAT Pension Plan continues to enhance workplace pensions in Canada with a Modern defined benefit (DB) plan design that adapts to a variety of workplace needs. Its most recent innovation, DBplus with Contribution Choice launches January 1, 2022. In addition to filling the need for a simple, value-driven workplace pension plan that improves attraction, retention, and lowers stress, Contribution Choice responds to industry requests for additional contribution flexibility — typically only available in defined contribution (DC) or group RRSP programs. In 2019, CAAT’s DBplus revolutionized the workplace retirement space in Canada by bringing the best of DB and DC together. The award winning DBplus provides lifetime retirement income to members at a fixed and affordable cost for employers. Like DC or group RRSPs, there are no balance