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This Week in Pensions & Investments: 27-10-2023

Here are the top stories covering pensions and investments this week: 1) Jason Markusoff of CBC News reports that  Ontario has concerns over Danielle Smith's CPP exit bid, but also a stark lesson for her: It may seem like a pile-on by now to Premier Danielle Smith and the United Conservatives. The Tory-run Ontario government came out Wednesday sounding the same alarm about Alberta's pension-plan flirtation as have (deep breath) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre , the Alberta NDP , British Columbia's premier ,  Newfoundland and Labrador's premier , the Calgary Chamber of Commerce , seniors' groups , organized labour , the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses , and various economists and pension experts . But that isn't to say one should dismiss the remarks of Ontario Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy about a fractured Canada Pension Plan as just another voice in a growing chorus. His intention is to get all h

This Week in Pensions & Investments: 20-10-2023

Here are the top stories covering pensions and investments this week: 1)   Canada will do all it can to prevent the oil-producing province of Alberta from leaving the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), a move that would cause "undeniable" harm, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday. In a letter to Alberta premier Danielle Smith, Trudeau said a withdrawal would weaken the pensions of millions of people across Canada. In his first public comments on Alberta’s proposal to withdraw from the Canada Pension Plan, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says that Albertans are seeking to “get some of their money back,” and says “I encourage Albertans to stay in the CPP.” The statement, sent exclusively to the National Post , marks the first time Poilievre has explicitly addressed the issue of Alberta’s proposal to withdraw from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and set up its own pension fund. Meanwhile, Barbara Shecter of the National Post reports CPP Investments is taking

This Week in Pensions & Investments: 13-10-2023

As I stated in my last post , I'm officially on daddy duty helping mommy take care of our baby boy. However, the world of pensions and investments remains very active so for the time being, I am going to provide you with a weekly compilation of items to read with some brief thoughts on Friday afternoon. Let me begin by stating I am appalled and profoundly shaken by the barbaric and heinous terrorist attacks that took place in Israel last Saturday. Hundreds of innocent people murdered in cold blood and hundreds more kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. It's a stark reminder that this world remains very dangerous and we cannot let our guard up against pure evil, not for one second. As the death toll rises on both sides, I hope there will be a peaceful resolution to this latest conflict and pray for the safe return of those kidnapped Israelis, including children, women and elderly. I was also happy to read this message from McGill University's Principal and Vice-Chancellor Deep Sai

There's a New Pension Chief in Town

All 7 pounds, 7 ounces and a pure bundle of joy. Born Sunday, September 24th a little after 1 p,m. at the Royal Victoria Hospital (Glen site), Nicholas Theo Kolivakis has blessed our lives.  He came into our world a month early (much to our surprise) and received excellent follow-up care at Montreal Children's Hospital. My wife and I would like to publicly thank all the doctors and nurses who took care of our baby boy as he transitioned into living outside the womb. They were incredible. Mommy, baby and daddy are all well and resting at home now but we are on a strict regiment and I am officially on daddy duty for the next few weeks taking care of this new pension chief: So, forgive me if I'm not posting comments every day, my priorities are understandably with my family. I'll still try posting interesting articles on LinkedIn and Twitter from time to time and I am aiming to cover pensions and investments once a week on Friday (curate top stories in pensions and markets an