The Most Valuable Commodity

As you can see, I have been working hard on my blog over the weekend to provide you with relevant industry and market information. We live in an era of information and most of this is "misinformation". We are inundated with information and we need to quickly sift through it and pinpoint pertinent and thought provoking information to help us analyze what is going on in the world we live in.

I have provided you with important information and links to all sorts of subjects, including links to global funds, links to important documents and advisors on pension governance, links that explain pension liabilities, links to important institutional organizations, links to institutional advisors on all asset classes (including hedge funds, private equity and real estate), links to market and industry information and finally, links to investment blogs.

Some of you have asked me to rank the market information. The problem is that I read everything. To quote one of my ex-bosses, I am an "information sponge". I love reading John Mauldin's thoughts on Investor Insights and I love reading commentaries from asset managers like Absolute Return Partners, Hegemony Capital Management(HCM Letter), Hussman Funds, Sitka Pacific Capital Management, PIMCO and GMO.

If I had the big budgets of institutions, I would subscribe to independent research from GaveKal, GFC Economics, ISI Group, Lombard Street, Simon Hunt, Ned Davis, 13-D Research, BCA Research, Bianco Research and a lot more. I use to read them all and quickly digest and filter important information. As far as blogs, I like The Financial Ninja, Seeking Alpha, Naked Capitalism and Investment Postcards but I skim them all to see if anything interesting shows up.

My aim here is to make this blog the premiere one stop blog for all investors looking for relevant information. The blog is obviously geared towards pension fund managers but I hope others will find it useful too. I know I will not always be right on my market calls but at least I am not afraid to stick my neck out and make a call. I will also try to back up my calls with relevant and insightful information.

Finally, I embedded one of my favorite scenes from the classic movie, Wall Street (click on the image above to watch). It reminds me that no matter how much information you obtain, the game is rigged and to quote the late George Carlin: "'s a big club and you and I ain't in it".