Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Predictions For 2010

I wanted to follow-up on my Outlook 2010 which I posted last week and provide you with some more food for thought. A buddy of mine sent me a fantastic link to the Pragmatic Capitalist's Ultimate Guide to 2010 Investment Predictions and Outlooks:

Wall Street Banks

Hedge Funds & Investment Gurus

Actionable Ideas, Alternative Assets & Potential Potholes

The Outlook Abroad

The Pragmatic Capitalist is a great website, offering tons of free research. I added it to my comprehensive market links on my blog. From the list above, you should definitely read all the hedge fund and investment gurus (some excellent interviews there too). Make sure you read Tony Boeckh's investment letter, Risk & Uncertainty in 2010: Hopefully Some Returns Too and listen carefully to Consuelo Mack's interview with ISI's Ed Hyman and Francois Trahan.

I also highly recommend you read John Mauldin's 2010 Outlook. I don't always agree with John but will always read his comments carefully as he has a gift for explaining complex big macro themes in an enjoyable, insightful and readable manner.

[Note: You can track John's weekly comments at or just enter your email address on John's home page to subscribe to Frontline Thoughts.]

I am also eagerly awaiting GMO's and Hoisington's latest quarterly outlook. I wish Michael Lewitt's HCM Market Letter was still free, but alas it isn't any longer. John Makin of the American Enterprise Institute writes excellent comments. His outlook, The Year Ahead, is a must read comment in my long list of market comments.

What else? Niel Jensen's December Letter from Absolute Return Partners is another must read. Their monthly comments are incredibly well written and thought provoking and you won't find any of their comments in mainstream media.

Yahoo carried an article from Forbes on what some billionaires are predicting for 2010. While I enjoy reading what the super rich think about where we're heading, I take this fluff with a shaker of salt.

But economics isn't the only thing shaping our landscape. Sam Noumoff sent me an article on how Pakistan detained five Americans near the Iran border. Geopolitical risks are always a concern, so keep an eye on what's going on around the world.

Those of you with big money can purchase Oxford Analytica's Prospects 2010, or sign up to get STRATFOR's free annual forecast for 2010. These are two excellent services. I also have a comprehensive list of excellent free geopolitical sites on my blog (scroll down on the right-hand side).

I have provided you with a lot of reading material above, but it's worth reading and always questioning all information you see in the press. I will continue to post on my blog and on Zero Hedge on topics of interest pertaining to pensions, the financial markets or other interesting subject matters.

Finally, if you didn't have chance to see it, please watch ABC This Week's interview with Christina Romer, as well as the roundtable discussion (Part 1 and Part 2) with George Will, Liz Cheney, Al Hunt, Judy Woodruff and Robert Reich. I try to watch This Week, Fareed Zakaria GPS, and 60 Minutes every Sunday.


Here are a few more:

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