Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Death of American Liberalism?

Too tired to post a lengthy piece. I'm awaiting QE2 tomorrow, but given that today is all about politics, I wanted to share with you an absolutely brilliant interview which I heard on CBC's Current this morning:
American Liberalism - Chris Hedges

American voters are widely expected to deliver a harsh message to U.S. President Barack Obama at the polls today. Republicans who aren't actually even popular appear set to re-take control of the House of Representatives and to pick up enough Senate seats to make the President's life difficult.

That may be bad news for American liberals. But according to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Chris Hedges, they have a bigger problem. He says that American liberalism -- a once proud and politically potent tradition -- is dead. Chris Hedges is a Senior Fellow at The Nation Institute. He has just written Death of The Liberal Class. He was in our Toronto studio.

Click here to listen to this interview. Listening to Chris Hedges reminded of what the great social thinker, the late George Carlin, once said about why he doesn't vote (clip below). I'll be back tomorrow, pumped following another dose of QE.

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