The Glue that Binds a Nation?

Last weekend I posted some serious humor claiming that John Stewart and Bill Maher are simply brilliant. Since then, Mr. Stewart squared off with Mr. Cramer on his show.

You can click this Comedy Network link to watch the uncensored version of their meeting. It was excellent and many things that Jon Stewart says are absolutely right, like how retirement savings are being used so that prop traders at major investment banks and hedge funds can trade away making a killing while most people see their retirement accounts dwindling.

This brings me to this weekend's humorous clip by the late, great George Carlin (click on YouTube clip above but I warn you, the language might offend you). Some of you may be wondering what is the glue that binds a nation? Listen to Mr. Carlin and you'll get your answer.

And by the way, it isn't just a U.S. problem. My friend Tom Naylor is right when he recently told me you have an "electronically lobotomized population that doesn't question anything."

People have to start questioning more and they'd better start by scrutinizing how public and private pension funds are being managed and by informing themselves of what is really going on in financial markets.

Finally, speaking of the glue that binds nations, I agree with Mike Shedlock, the G20 summit was a complete waste of time. And guess who topped the list of AIG bailout beneficiaries?