Europe's 'Demographic Carry Trade'?

Are you suffering from Greek bailout burnout? If so, listen to Lauren Lyster's Capital Account interview with economist Constantin Gurdgiev of the True Economics blog. Gurdgiev discusses the drain of human capital on Europe's struggling economies and thinks the LTRO will lead to stagflation and ultimately a bust in three years.

Check out the chart above on youth unemployment across Europe, courtesy of Marginal Revolution. It's a disaster and it isn't that much better on this side of the Atlantic.

Also love the discussion at the end on the FBI's new public service announcement featuring Michael Douglas asking people to come forth if they know about insider trading (see ad below). Somewhat disconcerting that law enforcement has resorted to these silly ads. My advice, hire experts, set up a special task force looking into predatory trading and put more teeth in the SEC's whistleblower rule. Wall Street's wolves are still getting away with murder.